Kelly Cho

Dreams Come Alive

Once upon a time, I was able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime and get a deep and rejuvenating rest. Then came ambient light, bringing with it disturbance and worry. Restful sleep was quickly becoming an unattainable fairy tale.

I knew I needed something to help me get to nirvana that was natural and safe. That is when I created these sleep masks. They are constructed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable with the adjustable elastic straps to cater to everyone’s unique head.

The sleep masks are for anyone looking to get a comfortable, deep and sound sleep. Because they are all lined with black satin, they block out any ambient light. The satin against the face is incredibly soft and as weightless as a puffy cloud.

I love seeing people smile so I have chosen patterns that are whimsical and will bring out the happy. I am passionate to share the deep rest that comes with wearing one of these sleep masks because we all deserve the gift of rest as our everyday reality.

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